Economist pursuing PhD studies in regional economics, entrepreneurship and finance. I am familiar with advanced quantitative models of financial markets and microeconomic and macroeconomic models. I also have expertise in sustainability finance, ESG and environmental science. Recently, I have been researching the impact of climate change on Polish forests. I have highly developed digital competencies. In my work I actively use programming languages: R, Python, Matlab and SQL. Knowledge of programming languages greatly facilitates my data analysis. I use advanced statistics, econometrics, text mining and machine learning to analyze data.

I acquired my knowledge of economics and finance during my studies at Jagiellonian University and Cracow University of Economics. I have also participated in numerous summer schools, workshops and courses in economics and quantitative methods, where the instructors were people from leading academic centers among which can be mentioned Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, Penn, Brown, LSE, PSE, BSE, Bocconi.

In addition, I have almost 10 years of experience in tutoring mathematics, statistics and econometrics at the college and high school level. I underwent a higher education teaching course at Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning, which provided me with exposure to the latest techniques and trends in academic teaching.

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